Update for June 2015

A chill catch-up month at The Long Take for June, before the second half of the year sees us enter into a few lengthier series spanning out the rest of 2015 (I feel like I’m still winding down from Fury Road, and especially from having to adjust to a post-Fury Road world, and I need to take the month off to rest.)

It will, of course, not actually be a month off, and I’ll continue with the weekly Midnight Screenings (I never manage to actually do them on a specific day, so let’s just say once every week at some point).  I’ll also be doing a sort of final round-up of movies from the increasingly not-new “new movies” section of the blog, which covers films from now until way back in the far flung past of roughly 2008 (when I semi-started writing things about film for fun in my own time as an extremely small hobby, so a totally informal date it is). Essentially, just expect some short reviews throughout the month of movies I’ve been meaning to get up on here from the past few years, organized by category (“Oscarbait Movies”, “Superhero Films”, “Little Films That Could”, “Genre Fare”, “Animated Films” and the like) These will be more relaxed, generally shorter reviews (so, you know, only normal length reviews as opposed to my usual manifestos on the state of things as we know it).

Of course, we can’t go a month without one proper mini-series, so we’ll be taking a look back sixteen years to the de facto “Best Year For Modern Film” of 1999, a claim I do not entirely agree with, even as I respect the importance of a great many of the films from the year. The impetus for this series? I have not yet reviewed a single film from that year in the roughly 500 reviews I have thus far posted to this blog, and that just cannot do for such an important year. Expect an unspecified number of reviews (about ten) from the year over the next month. Never fear, though. July and on will be the start to lengthier endeavors.

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