Lists (AKA Time to Get All Nice and Halloweeny for you in this our Darkest Hour)

Hello all,

I’ve been meaning to get to this for a little while, and now that I have a nice little corpus of short reviews in the form of film lists, I’m sharing links to four lengthy, substantive, hearty lists I’ve written over the past month for an online website, Taste of Cinema, that specializes in cinema classics, art-house productions, and foreign cinema.  Even if you don’t pay attention to the list order (some of the lists aren’t ordered in terms of film quality any way), the text provides quick-and-dirty bite-sized analysis of films, and for the sake of seasonal cheer, mostly horror films at that. Obviously, most of these films are works I either like or love, several of which are transcendent masterpieces of the form, and  some of which you’ll note have much longer reviews already on the site. Nevertheless, here they are for your pleasure. Enjoy!


20 Best Horror Films Made by Non-Horror Directors 

15 Best Silent Horror Films

20 Best Black-and-White Horror Films of the Sound Era

And the outlier for the month, but a personal favorite, the 25 Best Disney Animated Feature Length Films

Have fun,


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